Naperville Freedom Group is a sex addiction recovery group based in the Chicago area that helps men find freedom from sexually compulsive behaviours.  Naperville Freedom Group provides a safe and confidential environment for men in their journey toward sobriety and healing.

Sexual compulsive behaviors may consist of lusting, sexual fantasy, internet and/or other pornography use, phone sex, sexual and/or emotional infidelity, sexual acts with other women or men, and other secret sexual actions. While every man has different sexual compulsive behaviors; the commonality that we all share is that our sexual compulsive behaviors have become unmanageable and have caused severe stress to ourself and the lives of our family.

Naperville Freedom Group uses the recovery materials of Dr. Doug Weiss, Executive Director of Heart to Heart Counseling Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado for freedom from these sexual compulsive behaviors. These recovery materials are thorough and effective.

Naperville Freedom Group is by no means a replacement for professional counseling. Naperville Freedom Group exists only as an additional recovery resource; providing men with the ability to connect with other men whom struggle with similar sexual compulsive behaviors. If you require counseling, we encourage you to contact Dr. Doug Weiss at Heart to Heart Counseling Center by calling (719) 278-3708.  Dr. Weiss' office provides phone counseling as well as intensive on-site therapy sessions.

Members of our group live throughout the Chicago, Il area including Naperville, Aurora, Downers Grove, Joliet, Bolingbrook, Chicago, Lisle, Plainfield, Wheaton, and Oswego.